Top 5 Things to Do During a Weekend in Scottsdale

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Visiting Scottsdale for the weekend? Scottsdale is one of the most popular destinations in the Southwestern United States.

Whether you’re here for a weekend or here for a while here are some of the best ways you can spend your time in Scottsdale.

5) Shop Downtown Scottsdale

Give yourself a day to explore downtown Scottsdale. From souvenir shops to world-class fashion boutiques, downtown Scottsdale will give you plenty of reasons to spend your money.

Take a mid-day break at some of Scottsdale’s best downtown bars and restaurants. It’s all within easy walking distance so just find a parking spot and spend the next few hours wandering around.

In the afternoon, you can skip shopping and explore some of Scottsdale’s famous art galleries. The city holds Art Walks every Thursday evening, although you can do your own self-guided tour any day of the week.

While you’re walking around, do your own self-guided history walking tour by visiting the Little Red Schoolhouse, the Rusty Spur Saloon, and Cavelliere Blacksmith Shop, all of which are located in or around Old Town Scottsdale.

If you’re in town on Saturdays, visit the Old Town Scottsdale Farmers Market, where you’ll find Arizona-grown produce, readymade snacks, delicious beverages, ice cream, and more. Enjoy local favorites like figs, peaches, heirloom tomatoes, and habanero peppers – all of which can be grown within a few minutes of Scottsdale.

4) Hike in the McDowell Sonoran Preserve

The McDowell Sonoran Preserve is one of the most popular attractions in the entire greater Phoenix area, featuring miles of hiking trails, the preserve is spread across over 30,000 acres of the Sonoran Desert. You can explore on foot, bike, or horse. The Preserve is one of the best-maintained wilderness areas in all of America: over 600 volunteers keep the trails in pristine shape year-round.

The best part about the McDowell Sonoran Preserve is that it’s free: there’s no charge for parking, and you never have to pay to access any trailheads. The Preserve is open daily from sunrise to sunset.

If you’re in Scottsdale for a weekend and have time to do just one hike, check out the Bajada Trail, which is near the Gateway. The half-mile trail provides a scenic view of the desert. If you want to hike a little longer, continue along the Saguaro Loop Trail.

3) Walk the Soleri Bridge and Scottsdale Waterfront at Night

The Soleri Bridge traverses the famous Arizona Canal along the Scottsdale Waterfront. Although the Arizona Canal is relatively new, Native Americans, like the Hohokam people, built canals in the Arizona desert as early as the year 600. The Soleri bridge, designed by Italian architect Paolo Soleri, is a beautiful bridge that looks particularly stunning at dusk.

Spend a night out on the Scottsdale Waterfront. Visit SouthBridge for shopping. Visit Culinary Dropout for one of the city’s most popular gastro-pubs. Take in the free public art installations.

Finish your night out at the world famous Rusty Spur Saloon, a country bar located just a few blocks off the Canal. You’ll walk in the footsteps of everyone from John Wayne to Vince Vaughan as you two-step the night away. It’s open 364 days of the year – every day but Christmas.

2) Golf at One of the Region’s 200+ Courses

Scottsdale is a world-class golf destination. You can visit the famous TPC Scottsdale course for the Phoenix Open. Or, play at one of the 200 (!) courses in the Scottsdale area.

From public to private, championship to casual, Scottsdale is one of America’s most diverse golf destinations. You can’t go too wrong when golfing in Scottsdale. However, courses like Wickenburg Ranch, Grayhawk, The Boulders, The Wigwam, and Troon North are all very popular among locals and visitors alike.

1) Book a Day at the Spa

Scottsdale day spas, like our very own Mozaik Skin & Body are a great way to escape from the heat and dryness of the desert. After all the activities mentioned above, you could use a break!

Treat yourself to a world-class day spa experience at a reasonable rate in Scottsdale. Refresh your skin with signature facials using locally-sourced ingredients from the desert. Or, massage the worries of the world away under the hands of a skilled massage therapist (all that hiking and golfing can be tough on the body!).

With Scottsdale day spas, you can combine multiple procedures into a competitively-priced day spa package and enjoy a day at the spa you’ll never forget. It’s a perfect way to end your vacation in Scottsdale.

Scottsdale is a world-class destination for a reason. Whether you’re spending a day at the spa, the golf course, or the hiking trails, Scottsdale is worth staying for more than just a weekend.

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