5 Surprising Benefits of a Day Spa Visit

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When you visit a day spa in Scottsdale, you expect to feel relaxed and rejuvenated. However, a day at the spa has been scientifically proven to lead to other surprising health benefits. Want to get the most out of your day at the spa? Watch for the following powerful health benefits.

Better Immune System Health and a Reduced Risk of Illness

Massages and other therapeutic procedures have been linked to immune system benefits. The reason massages boost your immune system is because of the stress hormone, cortisol. In several studies, participants’ cortisol levels were measured using their saliva. Tests were taken before and after a massage session. Participants who received massages repeatedly had lower levels of cortisol than those who relaxed in a similar environment – but did not receive a massage.

The stress hormone cortisol has devastating effects on the human body. It actually kills your immune system cells. Cortisol has also been linked to weight gain. That’s why when a massage lowers cortisol levels, it can also boost your immune system.

Reduced Blood Pressure

Cardiovascular disease is the number one killer in the United States – along with most other developed countries. High blood pressure is a key indicator of cardiovascular problems. Massages have a proven ability to reduce hypertension, lowering your blood pressure and making your heart healthier.

How do massages reduce high blood pressure? Massages stimulate pressure receptors that prompt action from the vagus nerve. The vagus nerve is a critical nerve connected to the brain. It’s responsible for regulating blood pressure and other bodily functions.

Don’t believe us? One study performed by the University of South Florida in 2005 recorded the effects of massage in a group of people. One group received massages in a relaxing environment while receiving a 10 minute back massage, three times a week. The other group relaxed on the same table in the same spa environment but did not receive a massage. By the end of the study, researchers found the massage group had lower blood pressure, leading researchers to conclude that “regular massage may lower BP in hypertensive persons”.

Improved Blood Circulation Throughout your Body

One of the surprising benefits of a massage is that it doesn’t just relax one part of your body: it can give your entire body a feeling of rejuvenation, even if the massage only focuses on a single part of your body.

A key goal of any massage is to boost blood circulation throughout your body. By targeting muscles in your back, you can boost blood circulation throughout your body.

Higher Levels of Serotonin and Dopamine

Serotonin and dopamine are two of our brain’s “feel good” neurotransmitters. Studies show that massages release serotonin and dopamine throughout the body. In one study published in the International Journal of Neuroscience in 2005, researchers found that massages led to an average increase of 28% for serotonin and 31% for dopamine. When this effect is combined with the reduced cortisol levels we mentioned above, you get a powerful stress-relief effect.

Full Body Detoxification

“Detox” has become a misleading buzzword of the last few years. However, there are genuine detoxification benefits behind a massage. Massages stimulate your lymphatic system, which encourages your lymph nodes to carry toxins away from the body.

Your body’s lymphatic system is the system that collects toxins and stores them in lymph nodes, keeping them away from your body’s vital organs. A massage encourages lymph nodes to release their toxins, leading to reparative effects throughout the body.

And Many More Benefits!

Whether you’re getting a massage or a skin care treatment, you enjoy some obvious benefits. However, science tells us there’s far more than meets the eye when it comes to a day at the spa. Book your Scottsdale massage or day spa experience today to lower cortisol, boost your immune system, raise dopamine and serotonin, and enhance your overall health and wellness.

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